Trevor Kilgore – President & Co-Founder

As the father of the person who came up with the idea for Renovare Mission, Inc., I guess you could say I have been involved since the very beginning. Around about 2016, Brookie called me and told me she was seeing a lot of homeless people in her daily travels and she wanted to do something to help. Of course, I was “all in”. We started with making “Blessing Bags” that she and the family carried in the car and handed out to people we saw that looked like they could use a little helping hand. These bags contained basic personal sized toiletries and since it was winter, we included hats, gloves and snacks. We quickly realized we could enlist the help of others and therefore help more people…… Thus “Bulls Bringing Blessings” was born. Brookie graduated from Hereford High and their mascot is a bull and we were making Blessing bags. We held several donation campaigns on our Facebook page and always talked about “making it big” someday and becoming an official non-profit company. When Covid-19 hit in March of 2020 we were right in the middle of what we thought might be our launching platform, but along with everything else this was put on hold. On June 1st Brookie saw a person whom she had seen (and helped) on several occasions before, and was compelled to help again. Over the next several months we helped Matthew get back on his feet, a job, and finally into a detox facility to get totally clean of the methadone he was on to combat a previous addiction. During all this we met some people who told us it was not as expensive or as involved to start a non-profit. So, I looked into it, enlisted the help of several knowledgeable people, and “Renovare Mission Inc.” was born. We will continue to make and distribute Blessing Bags, But, we have also now partnered with several (and more to come) other organizations to help those who need it.